Marine_The Marine's Marriage Mistake 6x9
The Marine's Marriage Mistake

Single mom Angela Adams joined the Marine Corps to provide a better future for her and her young son. 


The Marriage…


In order to join the military Angela would have to give up legal custody of her child. Or get married. Fortunately, she knew just the man to ask. Unfortunately, he’s hell bent on holding her to their arrangement after her six years of service is up.


With a civilian job offer in her back pocket and a fresh start on her mind, Angela returns from her last deployment and heads to Wyoming to pick up her little boy from his grandparents. And to untie the knot from the man who refuses to divorce her.


The Mistake…


Rowdy McKinnon––former Navy SEAL turned Mercenary––felt he owed Angela the benefit of a ring on her finger. Especially since his cousin was killed before he could do right by her and the baby. Had Rowdy known of Angela’s intention to run off and join the Corp he never would have agreed to marry her.


But marriage, even one with an expiration date, is complicated. And now that his “wife” is back in town, Rowdy wants nothing more than to prove he’s got the potential to be a good dad. . .and a better husband.

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