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The Marine's Baby, Maybe

Falling in love is not what they're expecting...


Wife. Widow. Mother-to-be.

All Caitlin Calhoun wanted was to honor her late husband by having his baby. But thanks to an unfortunate mix-up, her baby’s father is her husband’s half-brother. Caitlin would like to keep that little secret between the two of them.


Marine. Uncle? Biological baby-daddy?

“Lucky” Luke Calhoun Jr. has always been unlucky in love. Family is the last thing the battle-hardened Marine expected to have––not with all the bad blood running through his own. But he’s not the kind of man to turn his back on his child or the child’s mother. 


Can the unluckiest Calhoun convince Caitlin he’s the real deal?


She's having his baby...and they're about to meet for the first time. Don’t miss this full-length bundle of joy––get your copy of The Marine’s Baby, Maybe today!

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