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Help me write my book!

When this pandemic reared its ugly head, I asked myself––what one book?

The answer is, was, and has always been, The Frogman, Prince––that 90K word albatross of a rough draft, hanging around my neck for too many years. Yes, I've revised it, or parts of it, several times. Yes, I released it once only to pull it back because it wasn't ready for the world. THAT ONE!

More recently, I've managed to cut 30K words and puzzle the other 60K words back together into something that makes sense. I still have to clean up what's there and replace what's not in order to fill the many plot holes...but it's finally coming together and better than I first imagined!

I'll be posting scenes to my website at least once a week––faster, if I'm writing faster––all the way to the end. If I get stuck and don't have a new scene to post, then I'll post about that.

Your encouragement and feedback is all I really need!

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