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One Star-Spangled Night (Novella)

Life is full of second chances...


Sleep is the last thing on Captain Doug Reese's mind when he finds himself in charge of a disabled aircraft carrier and a disheartened crew. Once the ship pulls safely into dry dock, however, his insomnia becomes an issue. When Doug is ordered into counseling, he seeks out the lowest ranking Navy Chaplain he can find.


ieutenant Lindsey Alexander might be fresh out of seminary, but she's not as naive as the world weary Captain believes. She knows he has no intention of following through on their counseling sessions. So Lindsey makes him an offer he can't refuse: Lunch—and he's buying. One hour a day for ten days and she’ll sign off on his fit rep.


By the time his sentence is up, sparks are flying between the Top Gun and the Navy Chaplain. Until past mistakes threaten their sparkling future.

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