Monday, July 7, 2014

Online Class: Amazon Publishing for Beginners #ASMSG #MondayBlogs

Amazon Publishing for Beginners [Redux] - Tips and Tricks to Guide You into Self Publishing, is the August Seekerville Night Class.

Instructor: Harlequin & Indie Author Rogenna Brewer

When: August 5-30

Cost: $25

This is an independent study class. You don't have to show up. Simply download handouts if you are busy.

Details here

Comments from the January class participants:

  "Rogenna has a wealth of knowledge and is super generous about sharing it. Very useful information that gives me confidence to move forward when the time comes."

  "Amazing amount of information shared with clarity and expertise. Well worth the price of the class. "

  "By the end of each lesson, Rogenna had answered all the questions that I would think of as I read the lesson. Lots of info, easily understood, and logically divided. Highly recommend the class." 

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